Telecom Policy Innovation: the Role of Free Spectrum and Telecommunication Development in Rural Ghana


  • Idongesit Williams Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies (CMI) Aalborg University Copenhagen



Policy innovation, Telecom market incentive, Rural telecommunications, Universal Access


Every nation wants to achieve Universal Access of telecommunication services due to its importance to the economy and national life. Unfortunately in sub-Saharan Africa, telecommunication services are either scarce or non-existent in rural areas. However, previous telecommunication policies have enabled the provision of various network technologies in Africa. What type of policy is needed to push these telecommunication services into rural areas? This paper discusses the importance of issuing a using Free Spectrum policy to as an incentive to small telecom network operators in Africa. Ghana is used as a test case.


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Williams, I. (2011). Telecom Policy Innovation: the Role of Free Spectrum and Telecommunication Development in Rural Ghana. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 6(3), 93–105.



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