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JOTMI’s Editorial Team is delighted to announce that one of its members, Mrs Bernardita Araya-Kleinsteuber, has successfully finished her Doctorate in Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. In her PhD, she investigated the acoustic spectra of polyols and other molecules using a Magnetic Acoustic Resonator Sensor, a state-of-the-art system developed in her Laboratory at the Institute of Biotechnology of the renowned University.

Dr. Araya-Kleinsteuber, has now been appointed Chief Investigator at Paramata, a Nanotechnology Company that spun out of her Laboratory. She is also Regional Director for the United Kingdom of Bionexa ( , the first user-led online Network of Scientific Collaboration in Latin America. Bionexa provides a virtual space where Businessmen, Scientists and Students interested in biological sciences can share their skills, meet new colleagues and become part of a community that contributes to the development of Spanish-speaking bio-entrepreneurs.

The Editorial Team of the Journal of Technology Management and Innovation and in particular it’s Editor in Chief, whish her the best for her career and look forward to keep working with her at the Journal.

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