O Crescimento na Indústria de Plásticos

Gabriela Padilha, José Vitor Bomtempo


Title: Growth in the Plastics Industry

The plastics processors in Brazil are considered to be a “weak link” of the productive chains in which they are inserted. Plastic processors are a “supplier dominated” industry according to Pavitt’s typology. Nevertheless, some firms in this industry seem to be able to explore the increasing use of plastics in different applications as an opportunity for growth. A question that has not yet been explored is: How do firms surpass the limitations of the industry, evolving in successful growth trajectories? This article analyses the growth dynamics of small companies of low to medium technology in order to explore the factors that stimulate the growth of firms in this industry, focusing on organizational profile and technological learning. A case study is presented in order to illustrate the growth trajectory of a Brazilian plastic processor.

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