From Idea to Market in RIPI: An Agile Frame for NTD Process

Reza Bandarian


Each year research institutes develops many new technologies. Understanding the process of developing and bringing new technologies to market is important for researchers and managers of research organizations.

Condense the technology development process and keeping its quality is one of the major strategic challenges within the research institute. The only way is to assure a better interaction of the main process steps of the new technology development process: Research, Development, Engineering, Production and Operation. This could save time, reduce cost and potentially even improve the quality of the outputs.

Since NPD process in manufacturing companies is similar to NTD process in research organizations, the NPD paradigm provided a natural starting point for the commercialization process of new technologies.

We describe the technology development process based on a review of the literature and web sites addressing NPD processes and policies.

Our research effort is to better understand the steps prevalent in the new technology development process and we use a process modeling technique, namely, Process Approach View in our study.

The main limit of this study are lack of material in the literature and the a lack of a system level understanding of the dynamics of the technology development process, both from management and process perspectives among researchers and managers of research organizations.

This model has an integrated approach into a holistic development process of a technology and consists of various research and development (R&D) activities. The model performs better ’predictions of R&D projects’ technical and commercial success and has the potential to be used as a conducting model for research projects in research organizations.

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