Capturando Valor en las Universidades y Centros Tecnológicos. Hacia la Definición de Estrategias, Políticas y Procedimientos de Apropiabilidad, Protección Legal, Explotación y Transferencia Tecnológica de Resultados de Proyectos de I+D+I en Chile.

Jorge Rojas


Article in Spanish

The universitary institutions and the national technology centres, have principally public economic support, and invest a significant amount of these resources in research and development projects, creating significant results with a potential industrial applicability.

Until now, the public policy has followed the US model established from 1980 Bayh-Dole Act. Although the use of this scheme suppose an analysis that is not included in this article, if it is followed in the correct way, this entities must set suitable policies of intellectual property and use of the results raised from that research, using the institutions of intellectual and industrial property.

In this article it is reviewed supperficially, comparing with the American experience, the elements that support the present Chilean public policy in research and development matter, as well as the contract responsibilities of the institutions with the economic support agencies, elements that make mandatory the establishment of intellectual property policy development for each University, with the main objective to kept properly the benefits of the results obtained from the execution of these projects.

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