GMO Technology. Venezuelans' Consumers Perceptions: Situation in Caracas

David Antonio Pereira de Abreu, Karen Villalba Rodriguez, Mileibys Schroeder, Mercedes Mosqueda, Elevina Perez


The main benefits generated by the genetically modified organisms (GMO`s) include greater yields harvested, foods with greater content of nutrients, vaccines, resistant plants to virus or plagues and resistant plant to high levels of salts in ground. However, there is a controversial discussion regarding its acceptation and welcoming and is missing information in regard the topic especially in developing countries. The purpose of this study is to measure the level of knowledge or acceptance towards GMO’s and biotechnology by consumer from Caracas, Venezuela. The researchers will use a survey that was previously applied to consumers from USA, Japan and some other South American countries. The results of the study demonstrated that Venezuelan’ consumers are misinformed about this topic; however, they are more informed about microbial contamination and pesticides than other topics.

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