The Dynamic Cooperation Network as an Instrument for the Technological management and Innovation Process: The Case of the Brazilian Aeronautic Sector

João Amato Neto, Mauro Catharino Vieira Da Luz, Cristiane Chaves Gattaz Bueno


The articulation of the Science,Technology & Innovation actors and the development of collaborative actions are essential to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Brazilian aeronautic process and to maintain its global competitiveness. The present paper analyzes the dynamic cooperation network model of the Brazilian aeronautic sector based on the case study executed in joint with the Industrial Promotion and Coordination Institute (IFI) – an organization responsible for the industrial support and infrastructure programs to improve the quality and the training of this sector. As a result, this work identifies some critical factors for success related to the cooperation network model for the growth of the sector competitiveness potential.

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