Special Recommendations

  • Double check that the referred literature cited within the text is written in the references (bibliography) section.
  • Double check that the links lead to the information source and not to broken links.
  • Is not allowed to cite secundary literature, as magazines, blogs or regular press which information does not count with a peer review process. If you make citation to a governmental document, this must be within the official web of the organization.
  • When an article has a DOI, use the DOI in your APA citation for the article, example:

Gonzalez, H., & Jiménez, A. (2014). Inserción Laboral de Nuevos Investigadores con Grado de Doctor en Chile. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 9(4), 132-148. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-27242014000400010

For search DOI number of a reference you can use  http://search.crossref.org/